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The Wholistic Revolution is looking for a handful of individuals to engage in an experiment.  6 weeks and only 1 goal.


The goal?  Lose at least 10 lbs of fat in that time - without starving, extreme exercise routines or any of the other non-sense associated with the fitness industry.


How are we going to do that?  Glad you asked!  Here is what you get with WR Complete:


  • 6 weeks of training plans (plus a 2 week de-load) geared to boost your metabolism, gain muscle and strength, and work alongside your busy schedule
  • Nutrition plans that include
    • Metabolism boosting meal plans that are easy to follow
    • Master Food List (aka the "do's and dont's)
    • Grocery Lists
    • Guides for everything you can think of! (sauces/spices/shakes/cooking etc etc)
  • Supplement strategies to enhance results
  • Informational videos
  • A 70 page info-manual loaded with tips and tricks to help you maximize your results
  • Unlimited email/text support


All you have to do is choose your training plan!  Are you going to train at home?  Do you have any equipment?  None at all?  No worries!  We have movement templates for every situation!


Professional, safe, inclusive....and affordable health coaching options from your friends at the Wholistic Revolution!


WR Complete

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