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Metro Detroit's first concierge holistic health program is here - ZeroForce Coaching from the Wholistic Revolution! 


It's simple - pick your level of commitment, and we'll send you your introductory paperwork (we don't see anyone without a thorough background/health history).  You return it, and we begin the coaching process.  All coaching sessions will take place on our Zoom platform.


Note:  This is NOT just about "working out" - The Wholistic Revolution DOES NOT see anyone on any level other than a spiritual, emotional, mental....and physical one. 


We meet clients were they are at, in an empathetic and compassionate coaching environment that establishes goals and addresses the roadblocks that are stopping individuals from reaching their true potential - whatever those may be.

Zero Force Coaching - In Person

  • Here is everything you can expect from our ZeroForce Coaching platform:

    Pre-Coaching Services

    • Full Physiological Assessment
      • Weight/Body Fat/Measurements
      • Blood Pressure/EKG/O2
      • Health History/Health and Lifestyle Overview Questionnaire
      • Stress/Physiological Load Assessment
        • 4 Doctors Assessment
        • Health Appraisal Questionnaire
        • Nutrition and Lifestyle Questionnaire


    Monthly In-Person Concierge Coaching Program Includes

    • 24-hour Key Fob Access to Facility for Movement Sessions
    • Individualized Movement Prescription (based off goals + assessment results)
    • Nutrition/Supplement Prescription (based off goals + assessment results)
    • 1 Zoom Coaching Session per week
    • 1 Group Zoom Coaching/Education Session per week (Q & A/troubleshooting etc.)
    • 1 In-Person Assessment/Movement/Restoration Session per month
    • Office Hours for Zoom/In-Person Coaching
    • Private Facebook Group (Education/Q & A/troubleshooting etc.)
    • Weekly/Monthly Tracking of Nutrition/Movement Variables
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