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In need of a little TLC?  Let the holistic health professionals at the Wholistic Revolution show you how to get back in top form the Revolutionary Way!  Each session of Revolutionary Restoration may/will include:


- Client/professional understanding of issue(s)

- Whole body warm-up

- Application of Wholistic Revolution Mobility Protocol

- Percussion Therapy (Theragun) Treatment

- Graston Therapy Treatment (Coming Soon)

- Assisted Stretching

- Self-Myofascial Release 


Coming off an injury?  Feeling beat up from training?  Stress getting the better of you?  Let us create a professional, inclusive, skill level appropriate treatment plan just for you!  You'll leave feeling better than when you came - guaranteed!


**All Sessions by Appointment Only**

**All Sessions 1 hour in Length**

Revolutionary Restoration

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